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About this website

Woodwork is fun,

Learning is fun,

But being taught can be really tiresome

Especially for kids who don’t want to sit still for 6+ hours a day trying to understand concepts and other theory-based knowledge

Teachers are trying to get the key knowledge across by telling, showing and explaining but learning in this matter doesn’t come easily, is about helping kids gain the skills and lessons that woodwork teaches and help the parents and teachers use woodwork to its full potential

About Me

My name is Christopher and I am a Woodwork/Product Design Teacher. Before I became a teacher, I was a cabinetmaker for 8 years building custom joinery and furniture

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My Philosophy on Teaching

I am far from the most experienced teacher on the planet

But it is my philosophy that the only thing that really makes good classes is preparation. In other words time, effort and experience

The idea behind this website is to help pool some of that into making woodwork teaching a little easier

Giving you the benefit of mine, and others

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Where to now?

There are plenty of posts on for both teachers and parents. These are the latest ones.

You can also see what I am up to on Instagram, and there is a Facebook page dedicated to this website.

I also have an Etsy shop where I put projects that I have made or stuff you can use for the classroom.