Famous Designers – To Inspire Students

I have re-posted this article from a website that I have since closed down.

I thought id put a list together of famous designers. In particular people who typically deal in resistant material.

The reason being that some inspiration for students might help them (and their teachers) get through their work a little easier.

Studying a famous designer will also help students see how others go through the design process, from idea to solution. This gives a view on the design process in it’s entirety, which can be helpful.

Currently I can only think of three. So if you have any others then please let me know

Tinker Hatfield

Head designer at Nike. Best known for designing the Air Jordan basketball shoe.

Ralph Gilles

Head designer at Fiat Chrysler (which owns Jeep,  Maserati, Dodge, and a few others). Best known for the Chrysler 300C.

Sir Jonathan Ive

Ex-Head designer at Apple Computers.

Curtis Cruz & Becky O’hara

Baseball bat designers/engineers

Chris Gray

Roller Coaster Designer