VCE PD&T Trial Exam 2020

I have written a trial/practice exam for the VCE 2018-22 Product Design & Technology study design.

It is the same format as the VCAA end of year exams and has questions covering:

  • Product Design Factors
  • Risk assessments
  • Design options
  • Materials
  • Emerging technologies
  • IP
  • Sustainability
  • User-Centred Design
  • Scales of production & production processes
  • Case studies
  • Design movements
  • Designer / End-user roles
  • Qualitative vs Quantitative data
  • Product Design Process
  • Creative thinking
  • Visualisations
  • Design options
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Quality statements

As well as a detailed 19 page answer sheet with:

  • Detailed reasoning
  • Example responses
  • Design option and visualisation examples

I am currently charging $22 for a class licence (24 students). Because this is a lot cheaper than other trial exams, there are only 5 available at this price.

PLEASE NOTE: Although VCAA does endorse not third-party study guides and exams (such as this one), every effort has been made to ensure questions and answers are in line with the study design and course.

PLEASE NOTE: By purchasing this trial exam, you agree not to reproduce it for any reason other than examining your students. This trial exam cannot be reproduced for any other reason without the written permission of the author.

Get your copy here

*If you have any questions or queries about the trial exam then please use the contact page to talk to me.

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