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Easy Woodworking Projects For Kids, Parents And Teachers

Woodworking is a fantastic medium to help build skills and teach life lessons. I give away access to the Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition Project to help give you some ideas to run in the woodwork room. Try it out now, what's there to lose?

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Why Teach Woodwork?

Build Relationships

Create memories through fun and involving experiences that you both can take part in

Excited About Learning

Learn how to get kids excited by doing and learning new things by being physically involved in a project

Life Lessons

Give your child(s) more than simply a technique through project based learning


Articles for TEACHERS


About the Author

My name is Christopher and I am a woodwork teacher and a father. I have created this site to help young people everywhere build the skills and learn the life lessons that only a medium like woodworking can teach.

Over recent years I have seen a push to move more technology into classrooms. Unfortunately many young people are not ready for this theoretical type of environment, nor do they want it (in my opinion).

They want more experiences, interaction (with instant feedback) and clear boundaries. Things which woodworking provides. You can read more about me and this website here.

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Christopher Brown


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