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  • The Best Double Sided Tape for Woodworking

    FOR THOSE IN A HURRY: Personally, id screw my piece to my workbed whenever possible. It’s cheaper and stronger. But in the cases where you need double sided tape for woodworking, this is my pick Last year the school where I work bought a CNC machine. It’s great although the practicalities mean I needed to […]

  • Hand Planes for Beginners – A Working Guide

    If one tool symbolizes the craft best it’s the Hand Plane Where skill meets finish And where a woodworkers knowledge of wood really shows In my high school woodwork classroom we have a set of planes But before I tell you about mine (and why), let’s look at a few hand plane basics… Choosing a […]

  • The Best Trim Routers for Woodworkers and DIY

    30,000rpm in the palm of your hand. And all you need to do is run a lead and fit the bit That’s the capability and convenience of a Trim Router. Perfect for Running a profile on baseboards/skirting and architraves Flush trimming laminate and veneer Engraving signs by hand  Running grooves and housings Installing on a […]

  • The 5 Best Mitre Boxes for Woodworkers and DIY

    Need a professional finish for a special project or a job around the house?  Mitre boxes provide near machine accuracy for a very reasonable price. Additionally they are portable and quick to set up and use. These 5 hand selections provide a neat solution for almost every type of job, from trim to beading, boxes […]

  • Workbenches for Kids (2-5 y.o.) – My Families Experience

    Looking for a play workbench for a 2-5 year old? I have two kids who are almost through this stage, and being a woodwork teacher I have kept a special eye on the play tool benches that we have had. Here’s a quick list of what I think is important: Kids workbenches – the musts […]