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  • Woodworking Drill Bit Guide – Finding the Best Bit for the Job

    NOTE: This article is my opinion taken from my experience. This article uses sponsored links. Where do all the different types of drill bits come into woodworking? And do you need them all? The short answer is no. Here’s what i’ve learnt from my 15+ years experience with drill bits. Metal drill bit At a […]

  • Carpentry Tools and Their Uses – Part 2

    Here we go again! The Measurement/Clamping and Safety issue. The previous edition is here for your convenience. Tape Measure A convenient way to measure accurately. Tapes are designed to hook onto material if needed and are used for measuring: Material sizes Gap sizes Height sizes Diagnoals Whatever else you want to measure Square (Try) Squares […]

  • Carpentry Tools and Their Uses (with Pictures) #1

    A fun and concise guide for carpentry tools and their uses… with .Gifs! Tenon Saw The saw used for cutting wood straight. It’s backed with a strong material (typically brass) to ensure it stays straight. Coping Saw The Coping saw is used to cut shapes out of wood. The blade is thin to allow it […]

  • Compound and Mitre Saw Buying Guide

    NOTE: This guide is my opinion, taken from my experience. I really recommend you go to the shop and try the saw before you buy, but if you are in a hurry here is my best pick. This article uses sponsored links. Versitile, quick and accurate… Three words that come to mind when I think […]

  • Sharpening Stones for Chisels and Plane Blades

    I wrote this because I want you to know how good diamond stones are. Don’t buy anything else! You can see the one that I use and recommend for sharpening many chisels and plane blades quickly here. This is a summary of my experience using different sharpening stones for chisels and plane blades. I did […]