Carpentry Tools and Their Uses – Part 2

Here we go again! The Measurement/Clamping and Safety issue.

The previous edition is here for your convenience.

Tape Measure

A convenient way to measure accurately. Tapes are designed to hook onto material if needed and are used for measuring:

  • Material sizes
  • Gap sizes
  • Height sizes
  • Diagnoals
  • Whatever else you want to measure


Ruling with a Try Square

(Try) Squares are used to draw lines at 90° and 45°. They can also measure for accurate marking of nail holes, drill holes, etc.


Clamps are used to hold materials together for gluing, holding or securing purposes. The different types of common clamps are:


Using a G-Clamp

Shaped like a G, these clamps are very strong and sturdy but can be slow to use. They are best used for:

  • Securing material to machinery (like a drill press)

Quick Grips

These clamps are fast to use but can loosen over time. They are best used for:

  • Holding material you are working on to a bench

Sash Clamps

The largest clamps of the three, they are strong and are primarily made from steel. They are best used for:

  • Gluing edges together to form panels

Safety Glasses

Made from high impact plastic, these glasses are to protect your eyes from flying debris.

Ear Protection

Ear muffs or ear plugs, these reduce the impact of constant loud noise on your future hearing.


Keeping you clean as well as your clothes tucked and out of the way.

Dustpan and Brush

Dustpan and brush gif

Cleaning equipment is a tool too!

A tools for cleanliness!


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