The Best Woodworking Kits for Kids (6-12 yo.)

Half finished stanley jr lifting crane wood kit with instructions

If you are in a rush, here is what I recommend for 6 to 8-year-olds and here is what I recommend for kids aged 8 to 12. All the detail on my picks for the best woodworking kits for kids is below. Links below help me pay for hosting through the amazon affiliate program

Woodworking kits are a great activity for young and old people alike. Particularly together.

The times I have done them with my kids have created a memory that I cherish.

Here are 5 kits that I had a look at in more detail and my thoughts behind each one

NOTE: Due to financial constraints I could not buy all the kits in this article. In this case, I am bringing you my experience, my experience with my kids building kits as well as the best of the reviews for the product

FYI: Recommended age is for children doing the project unsupported.

1. My ‘Best Experience’ Pick

Stanley Jr. Lifting Crane, Tool Box, and 6 Piece Tool Set

  • Stanley Jr Wood Kit with tools and toolbox in box
  • Stanley Jr Wood kit and toolbox
  • Finished lifting crane 2
Project Time:1-2 hours
Price: See Price Here

If what’s most important is a fun experience with your child(s) then this is my pick for you.

The Stanley Jr kits are well designed and supported with two sets of instructions and everything you need included.

Although not the cheapest option (they also make smaller sized kits which come with smaller price tags), the finished product is good (it works, most kits don’t) and my experience building the crane with my son was quite enjoyable.

Available here, or read my detailed review for more information here.

2. My ‘Classic Woodworking’ Pick

Unfinished Transportation Kit, Unassembled

Project Time: 30 mins each x 11
Price: See Price Here

Building model cars and trucks out of wood. Is there anything more woodworking than that?

This kit includes 9 projects that are all assembled with glue.

When finished, they are a blank canvas and can be decorated with paint or POSCA pens (great for minimising the mess.)

You do have to wait for the glue to dry, and the projects are for decoration only, but this is a great kit that’s very good value for the time occupied.

You can get yours here and be entertaining your kid(s) within a few days!

3. My ‘Younger Persons’ Pick

Rescue Vehicles by Made By Me

Project Time:An Afternoon
Price: See Price Here

This straight forward car building kit comes with everything you need for an afternoon of fun, start to finish.

The 34 pre-cut pieces of wood go together to make 3 different rescue vehicles. The wheels do work (which is noted on the packaging) but the finished product is more for decoration than play, which might be a dealbreaker for some.

There is as much painting and sticking as there is building, if not more. So if you are looking for purely a woodworking building project, then maybe try something else.

It’s recommended for kids 6 and up. Younger kids will need some assistance with putting it together. You can see today’s price as well as more details here.

NOTE: You will need to give the glue some time to dry (unless you purchase a superglue separately).

4. My ‘Tools Free’ Pick

Original Hobby Wood Craft 3D Puzzles (Set of 5)

Project Time:An Afternoon
Price: See Price Here

If the child(s) in your life is a little older and up for a challenge, then behold this 5 pack of 3D wood puzzles

Each one contains detailed pieces that create a very smart looking vehicle. The finished product is also easily painted so that kids can use the full extent of their imagination when decorating.

Great for a party or a reason to invite their friends over (or send them elsewhere for an afternoon).

The cons are the smaller pieces don’t lend themselves to younger or less practical hands and the finished product is also decorative only which may be a deal-breaker for some.

If you think this project is right for the kid(s) in your life, then you can find more details including where to purchase here.

5. My ‘Decoration Only’ Pick

Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Heart Box Craft Kit by Melissa & Doug

Project Time:An Afternoon
Price: See Price Here

Great if you want to use woodworking kits at a party, this kit will keep everyone happy.

This box comes with everything needed to decorate it. as stated there is no building which is good for those who are a bit younger or just don’t want to do it!


There you have it! Something for everyone aged between 6 and 12 and their different levels of ability and enthusiasm.

If you think I missed something or want to leave a comment, then use the contact page to let me know. If you are after more details, here are the guidelines I use to pick woodworking kits. Thanks for reading my top 5 picks for best woodworking kits for kids.