Tag: Engagement

  • Game techniques for use in classes 

    Warming up, knowledge revision and other examples to help get some group interaction (a build trust between class members) in class. The Mind This is a card game where you work in a group of 2,3 or 4 to put down your cards in the correct order. You can see the original card game here. Here’s […]

  • New, Novelty and Engagement

    This is the third in a short series on student engagement. (1, 2) Let me ask before we get started…  When do you think is the time you will feel most engaged in this article? For most people, it’s probably when you first heard of it or saw it You made an action (such as clicking) […]

  • Stories and Storytelling for Student Engagement

    This is the second in a short series on student engagement. I am no expert, I am teacher looking into engagement. No prizes for guessing that stories engage people. Here’s a little more detail that I found about why stories and storytelling is so engaging 1. Stories are easy to remember It’s like our brains […]

  • Scoreboards as an Example of Engagement

    This is the first in a short series about examples of engagement that I have found and looked into. I am not an expert in engagement. How do you keep students engaged at school? How does engagement even work? Scoreboards – Engagement Exmaple #1 “People play differently when they are keeping score” 4 Disciplines of […]