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  • ‘Creating Space’ and Engagement

    Teachers love direct instruction (I do, we do, you do) because it works most of the time. Teachers know they need to cover the content. It is important to get everything done But covering the content and learning are a little at odds with each other Because the easiest way to cover the content is […]

  • Theories: Trust and Engagement

    NOTE: this is a follow on from the theories of engagement series. There is more detail on previous theories here. Does the following scenario sound familiar… You walk into your class and check your records to see who has done the homework Less than half the class… Last lesson you set the minimum amount of […]

  • Previously… (About Student Engagement)

    This is the first post here, but this isn’t the start of my efforts into engagement. Here is some of the stuff that I have looked at so far. Theories of Engagement 1. The use of Scoreboards Scoreboards are everywhere. They are in all sports but also other areas of life Think about a share […]

  • STEM Resources for Teachers

    It takes me a couple of tries to find a good resource to refer to these days. To save you the trouble, this list has all the not so good ones already pruned out. Quantity not quality. Let’s get into it. Podcasts *Note – If you have an android phone, you can search for an […]

  • Pathways for Woodwork and Product Design & Technology Students

    I have many students not picking Woodwork and Product Design & Technology in senior years which I think is a shame Particularly because they tell me they really enjoy the subject, they just do not see a future in it. So to help me, help them and help you retain students and keep woodworking going, […]