Father Son Projects to Build

One of the best ways to create happy memories is to live shared experiences. In this way, woodworking can be used to create bonds that last.

Here is a list of projects to bring you closer together, loosely organised…

Mothers Day

Jewellery Box

Jewellery Boxes made by students

I don’t know a woman who doesn’t want more space for jewellery. Indulge her with a jewellery box. This is the ones we build with Year 9 students (14-15 years old). There is a couple of 1″ (25mm) long brass hinges in the back, housed in that you cannot see.

Photo Frame

It is plastic, but it is a project that shows the differences between working with plastic and wood. You need to bend the plastic, and polish the edges.

You can get acrylic (the plastic used) from any decent hardware store.

Engineering / Science (STEM)

Catapult / Trebuchet

If you are more of a maths/science person you can build a trebuchet

Pinewood Derby Cars

Fun to build but more fun to race. This project is more fun if you can find some competitors.


Monster Truck

Using a saw, drill and a few other tools you and your young person can make your own Monster Truck. This truck is completely customizable and you can also paint or finish it how you want. The material you need is some 2×4 (50mm x 100mm) pine and some 1/2″ (12mm) pine for the wheels

Find out how to build your own Monster Truck here.

Couch /Remote Caddy



Wooden Tool Box

Elastic Band Gun

Some fathers might feel this is a little dangerous, but I remember making one of these with my dad. It’s actually pretty hard to get something that will shoot straight and a decent distance which will help put parents minds at ease.

Ones you may not have thought of

Door Stop

A basic project that lets your child customize to what they want.

All you need here is a wedge and a piece of wood to nail in the back of it. Your child can do what they want with the piece (paint it, draw a character on it, cut it into a shape, etc.) and it will sit in their room for as long as they want it.

Labyrinth Game

These games are fun to play. Here’s a video of one made out of cardboard.

Table Tennis Bat

An unfinished table tennis bat. I haven’t yet made this with students yet but I reckon they will love it. You can buy the rubbers from places like eBay & Amazon (you will need glue also)


Not as easy as you might first think, but if your young person is musical then they will enjoy building something they can use.

To get it right there is probably some maths behind the size of keys and the sound. I’m sure that someone on the internet has solved that problem and you can find it on google.

Pinball Game

If you enjoy pinball, or you think your son would then give this a go. All you need is some scrap pine and a decent size of plywood. 1/4″ (6mm) would be rigid enough for the box.

A Case (for something they own)

A case for UNO cards I made

Like a collection, or a set of cards, or simply a place to keep things tidy. Mom will thank you as well 🙂

You could build some trading card protectors or similar with some pieces of acrylic plastic available from all good hardware stores.

In Summary…

Woodworking is a great way for a father and son to bond together. Not only does it place you as the role model, but also helps build the cognitive skills that young people need.

You can find more exciting projects ideas here.