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  • How to make a Mallet from Recycled Plastic

    NOTE: I sell finished mallets at my etsy store here. The theory for making a mallet from recycled plastic is straight forward. Create a mallet handle Create a brick out of plastic Make a hole in the brick for the handle Attach the handle So lets get straight into it. Create the mallet handle I […]

  • A List of Woodworking Magazines

    Looking for ideas, inspiration, inside information or just plans? Woodworking magazines tend to be the best bet. The plans are the most detailed on the web and the information is good (including designer/maker interviews etc.) NOTE: If you are looking for plans I do sell some specifically for woodworking and design classes here. You can […]

  • My Stanley Jr Wood Kits Review

    My Stanley Jr Wood Kits Review

    If you are going to buy a wood kit, then getting one that is well made and at the right level of difficulty is important. Good kits make the experience of building them so much better (and less frustrating). The Stanley Jr Lifting Crane + Toolbox Wood Kit is a good project and can be […]

  • Easy STEM Activities (An Updated List)

    Easy STEM Activities (An Updated List)

    Need an extension activity or something to cover one or a couple of classes? Here are some easy STEM activities to get you out of trouble. Take Apart A Machine Go something old that you will never use lying around? Then let them at it! Sometimes this is easier said than done but if you […]

  • Practical STEM High School Projects for Wood Technology Classes

    Practical STEM High School Projects for Wood Technology Classes

    STEM projects are a fun way to engage students, and even have them lead their learning. While many teachers associate STEM with coding and robots, I like to focus on the practical engineering aspect. And the good news is that Woodwork rooms are already set up with many of the things required, so it’s not […]