A List of Woodworking Magazines

Looking for ideas, inspiration, inside information or just plans?

Woodworking magazines tend to be the best bet. The plans are the most detailed on the web and the information is good (including designer/maker interviews etc.)

NOTE: If you are looking for plans I do sell some specifically for woodworking and design classes here. You can also make plan requests to me here.

Australian Wood Review

This is a favourite of mine.

I really like the school competition they have every year. It’s great to see what other schools are doing, and it’s an inspiration for students.

I also like the focus on design and designers because that is what I want the students to focus on.

The content is good although it is different to the typical hobbyest woodworking magazine.I like think of it as trying to understand more the why (i.e. the decisions behind a design) rather than the how (the plans on how to make a design.)


  • Every year an issue and competition on the best student work
  • In depth interviews with designers and woodworkers
  • Modern take on woodworking and design
  • Great information on Australian tools, machines, equipment and timber


  • No real plans


Issues Per Year:4 (Quarterly)
Target Audience: Designers (who work with wood)/hobby woodworkers

Australian Woodsmith

We have about 100 issues of this magazine at work. I think I have looked through them a couple of times.

There is information regarding new tools and machines, along with jig making and a few sets of plans every edition.

There are plenty of ideas in there, but they aren’t easy to find (even with the index’s).

Woodsmith Plans

After a little bit of digging I found the US version (Woodsmith) has an offshoot website (WoodsmithPlans.com) where you can find and search for individual plans. (There is a toggle to search only for metric sizes.)

They are relatively inexpensive and the quality looks good from the outside.


  • A few plans and ideas every issue
  • Plans are very detailed
  • Great to give to senior students looking for ideas on what and how to build things
  • Great information on Australian tools, machines, equipment and timber


  • Although there is index’s updated every so often, it can be hard to find what you are looking for
  • Some projects are a bit old fashioned


Issues Per Year:6 (Bi-Monthly)
Target Audience: Hobby woodworkers

Fine Woodworking (USA)

What I like most about Fine Woodworking is the wealth of information.

The digital experience provides access to all (I think) back issues and is also relatively simple to navigate (through searching for articles, rather than going through issues.)

This makes it a great resource for woodwork teachers looking for project ideas, lesson ideas and also resources. (Here is an example of the quality.)


  • Very detailed plans with exploded diagrams and photos mid-construction
  • Articles with woodworkers
  • Online version easy to use and very extensive (You can also download single articles as PDF’s which are easy to print and great on the workshop floor.)
  • Supplementary woodworking articles (such as joint strength tests) which can help students with folio work


  • Imperial measurements
  • Projects can be quite advaned quite detailed
  • Don’t think a metric version of sizes is offered


Issues Per Year:6 (Bi-Monthly)
Target Audience: Hobby woodworkers and more serious woodworkers

Other Magazines

When I looked into these magazines, being in Australia I couldn’t subscribe digitally or otherwise and I have not had any experience with them.

As such there isn’t much I can say about them apart from list their websites so you can peruse for yourself. Many of them offer some free information and plans which could be worth a look.

Woodsmith (USA)

Plans Website:WoodsmithPlans.com

WOOD Magazine (USA)

Plans Website:WoodMagazine.com/project-plans

Popular Woodworking (USA)

Plans Website: PopularWoodworking.com/free-woodworking-downloads/

Thanks for Reading

This is a short and sweet guide to woodworking magazines. If you are looking for more information for woodworking teachers use the menu at the top.

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