Workshop Safety Rules – for the Class Workshop

Stock Standard Workshop Safety Rules

  1. No Running in the Workshop
  2. Listen to Instructions Carefully
  3. Take Only What is Needed into the Workshop
  4. If You Are Not Sure or Confident, then STOP & Ask Your Teacher.
  5. Only One Person Per Vice (to restrict number of students on benches)
  6. Always Wear an Apron & If You Have Long Hair, Wear a Hat or Tie it Back
  7. Only One Person on a Machine at a Time

Rules for Using Tools

Here are a few ‘catch phrases’ that help get the message across with different tools.


  1. Two hands on the chisel or one hand on the chisel, and one on the mallet.
  2. If you, or anyone at your bench is using a chisel, wear protective glasses.
  3. Always use a vice or a clamp