19 Easy Wood Projects for Kids You Can Do Together in an Afternoon

Easy Wood Projects For Kids You Can Do In An Afternoon

I have created a woodworking plan specifically designed for 3-7 year olds (with an adults help). You can find it here.

The folowing projects do require a little prep to get started. If you want to buy something ready to go then check out this post.

Otherwise let’s get straight into it…

1. Pencil Caddy

I run this project with Grade 4 (approx 10 years old) children and it takes an hour. Kids enjoy using the hammer and this project has plenty of that. And in the end, they have somewhere to store all their pencils!

The piece of ply in front of the caddy are templates so kids don’t have to measure out where the nails are going. It saves a bit of time.

I have the Pencil Caddy plans available here.

2. Outdoor Storage Crate

If you are wondering about easy wood projects for kids, then you probably have stuff scattered all over your backyard (like I do). Balls, soccer goals, buckets, bats, etc.

So why not do two things at once and make a storage crate. I don’t have plans for this yet (but I will soon so check back) but i’m sure you can find some online somewhere depending on what you have access to.

3. Pencil Box

easy wood projects for kids - a pencil box

Remember these? They are a great project for young people. All they really need is a piece of timber 70mm wide with a 3mm groove in it.

Sometimes I see these made not long enough to store pencils so measure your pencil before cutting the length.

I have Pencil Box Plans available here

4. Chopping Board

Easy, fun and will get used. You can keep it simple and glue up lengths, but your child might enjoy using different species of timber cut into smallish block sizes to create some kind of pattern/design. Like something out of Minecraft.

5. Door Stop

Grab some 2×4 or any pine stud and cut an angle on it around 30 degrees. Then on the end you can put on what you want. Some 3mm ply, a coping saw (or scroll saw) and some paint will give the kids enough scope to make some fun designs.

6. Mobile Phone Caddy / Acoustic Speaker

Acoustic Speaker Open Image

Kids enjoy these and they are simple to understand. I use 12mm (1/2 inch) board and laminate (glue them on top of each other) after cutting and drilling out the necessary sections. All you need is the part for the phone, the speaker hole(s) and a channel for the sound to travel.

A good project that lets kids be creative, and also produce something they will use.

I have Acoustic Speaker Plans and Production Guide available here

NOTE – The larger the hole, the louder the sound typically.

7. Couch (Sofa) Caddy

This project is fun, and it is a good way to introduce kids to design. It will sneak under their radar when you ask questions like ‘what size is your cup?’ and the follow up ‘so what size hole do we need?’

It’s also a project that will get used quite often.

8. Video Game Control Holster

Kids love their PlayStation or Xbox. So they will love adding to their experience by creating a holster for their control.

The downside for this project is that the controls are typically an odd shape with plenty of curves, but if you can deal with that then this is a great project. Especially when kids get a little older and like their video games.

9. Birdhouse

Birdhouse made by students

The classic project. There is two downsides though. These birdhouses are typically built for decoration (no bird will live in them, and they would most likely act like a bird trap if the bird did decide to go inside) and secondly kids aren’t really that interested in birds (most of them anyway).

But as far as the project goes it includes using a lot of standard tools and some maths which is why I did it for a while.

10. Storage Box

We’ve already covered pencil boxes and outdoor storage crates. This is the inside version where you can put toys and other things. Same principles apply though.

11. Monster Truck

Boys of a particular age love monster trucks. The picture above is two monster trucks that I designed to be made in an afternoon together.

12. Build Your Own Wand

Build Your Own Wand

You can build a wand or with the same principles build stick puppets. Again something you can do in an afternoon that will entertain and create memories with your child.

13. Table Tennis Bat

The school where I work has all weather table tennis tables set up outside. At recess and lunch they are very popular. So I decided that we would make our own bats.

I used some 6.5mm ply and some scrap pine to make mine.

14. Wooden Spatula

Trace a spatula onto a piece of 12mm (1/2 inch) thick piece of wood and off you go. You don’t have to put a finish on it but I do oil mine with flaxseed oil.

I have a video series on YouTube about this here.

15. Wooden Spoon

A little more difficult than the spatula but if you have the tools (round chisel at least) then why not. I use 19mm (3/4 inch) thick board for spoons.

16. Balance Board

I never knew about these until I came across them on places like Amazon, Etsy and plenty of parenting blogs. They seem to sell for a bit so they must be popular.

From what I can tell it’s a platform that kids can use to practice balancing. Either a piece of ply bent into a semi-circle, or a flat board with something under it that makes it difficult to balance.

You can search for balance board on google to find it and measurements for it.

17. Money Box / Piggy Bank

A teacher who was in the Wood Department before me used to make these out of two pieces of wood and some PVC pipe for the centre. I think he used a holesaw to give the PVC a groove to sit in.

You could also laminate something together like the acoustic phone speaker. Adding in some clear acrylic so kids can see their savings might be a good idea (or might not).

Either way something that the kids will use and might even encourage them to save a little more.

18. Coasters

Simple, but you can be creative, either with markers, a burner, or gluing up different patterns. A good project for all abilities.

19. Serving Tray

Similar to making a box, this project is good for those looking to keep things simple. Some 12mm (1/2 inch) board and some standard tools is all you require.

Haven’t Found What You Are Looking For?

Not to worry. This website has more easy wood projects for kids. You can find all types of project ideas through my posts (post lists are here)