Storage Space That You Didn’t Know You Had in the Workshop

Storage Space You Didnt Know You Had

ARE THINGS GETTING A little tight in the workshop space? Maybe you want to buy a new machine but have no where to put it.

Here are a few ideas for you to make the most out of the space you have.

NOTE: Storing class sets of tools can take up a lot of space. Here is the page on designing more efficient storage for your class sets of tools.

Under Work Benches

Under Workbench Storage

This is an image of a work bench at the school where I currently work. The person that built them has made the most of the space by making a lockable storage area underneath the bench.

You can retrofit storage space underneath benches which can be used for storing students work, paint and other consumables or anything else.

The ones where I work have locks on them which is a good idea for storing students work, although I don’t tend to use them.

Combining Work Benches

If your stretched for space, putting a sheet of chipboard and joining two work benches can be a good idea. Not only do the students get more space to work, but there is also more space underneath to store things.

On the Back of Doors

A good space to store a broom or ladder.

High Shelves + Storage Space

Although they aren’t the most practical, the stuff that hangs around in the workshop can go on high shelves, i.e. old project examples, paint containers, saw horses and other rarely used items.

High Saw Horse Storage

These shelves are relatively straight forward to make yourself, you could even get some good students to make the brackets as an extra project.

Surplus Storage

Cabinets like this metal one can be sometimes be found in maintenance departments or left over in classrooms and libraries. It can be worth the ask.

In Summary…

I hope there is an idea or two that you can use to create some more space in your workshop. Got an idea yourself, let me know here.